Take Your Wine Inventory To The Next Level

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Gone were the days that you count the volume of your wine manually. With technology nowadays, it is now easy to do your wine inventory with wine software. Whether you are a bar owner, winemaker, wine club, or any enterprise that sells wine, you need to ensure that you are keeping accurate records of your merchandise.

You need to index your wine collection if you’re a wine cellar business. In this manner, you do not need to record the switch when opening the bottle to inventory and cope with it. What’s more, it advises keeping a database of peak drinking occasions so that you are conscious of which wines are ready to be uncorked at any given time. It is also recommended to maintain a variety of storable and ready-to-drink wines on hand in addition to purchasing instead of automatically by the scenario, to track the wine’s improvement with time.

Organize Your Wine

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It would be best if you organized your wines in a means that makes sense. You will have the ability to train your employees quickly. As a result, and it’ll be easier for them to create ideas. By way of example, if your wines are organized from mild body to full body, and a client asks for a wine with more body, your staff will know that if they pull a jar farther right down to the right on the shelf, it’ll meet the needs of your client.

Value-Oriented Wines

vintage aged alcoholTake at least a couple less popular but value-oriented wines. Your customers won’t expect how much they should cost since these brands aren’t known by your clients. This creates an opportunity to increase the price a little more to improve your profit on each glass or bottle you serve. It is a must that your wine server is knowledgeable about your wine selections, especially when selling value-oriented wines. The more they know about the product, the more they can sell those selections. Since customers are not familiar with those brands, your staff can make recommendations and spell out the wines.

glass bottle chilledIntroduce Seasonal Wine List

Establishments that have a high volume of wine sales change their wine list four times a year. However, for pubs, per year, changing the wine list is helpful. We suggest that your wines change seasonally. Have a summer record and a winter list, if you do it twice a year.

Bottom Line

Any errors made during the manual counting and recording procedure can lead to serious financial consequences. That’s the reason you need to automate your inventory process. With a powerful wine inventory management system in place, you can quickly produce a wine bottle database that you have and create a wine list to the guests, which can be upgraded and modified quickly.