3 Healthy Pregnancy Tips

pregnant woman

So you have just taken a pregnancy test, and you have gotten a positive result. Congratulations! You and your partner might have been waiting for this moment.

Now, you are starting a new chapter in your life, a very exciting one. However, you should know that pregnancy, especially the first trimester, is quite a delicate stage. You are carrying a baby in your womb, so it is but right for you to be extra careful.

Here are some useful tips that can help you ensure a healthy pregnancy:

Eat Right

Yes, it is very important that you start eating right because whatever you eat is also being consumed by that little one in your womb. It is highly recommended that you increase your intake of folate-rich foods, which include broccoli, asparagus, legumes, beets, Brussel sprouts, eggs, leafy green vegetables, and many more. Why? Because Folic Acid will significantly help in the development of your baby’s spinal cord, which is crucial.

Furthermore, you must snack on fruits and avoid junk foods. It is also necessary that you stay away from sweets as this can cause Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, which could affect both you and the baby.


Perform Light Exercises

Exercise is essential too during pregnancy, but make sure that you avoid strenuous workouts. Some of the best activities that pregnant women can engage themselves in include swimming, walking, as well as doing yoga. During your checkup, your doctor should be able to recommend useful exercises for you, depending on your case.

If you stay active while pregnant, you can definitely control your weight. This will help ensure proper blood circulation too. Aside from that, light exercises are useful in dealing with mood swings and stress during this crucial stage.

Stay Away from Toxins

If you have been drinking and smoking cigarettes, now is the right time to quit. The toxins that you are getting from these vices can cause birth defects as well as miscarriage. They can put your life as well as that of your baby at risk.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy objects is another activity that you should avoid during pregnancy as it is quite dangerous. It could cause premature labor.

You have to take note that your body is changing as it prepares for the delivery of your child. Therefore, there are some activities or chores that you used to do that you cannot do at this stage. If you need to lift a heavy object, it would be best to seek the help of someone who can do it for you just to be on the safe side.…