How To Get The Best Shower Heads

Looking for a shower head capable of releasing an invigorating steamy shower as opposed to a weak sprinkle? Take time to research during your selection. The best shower heads release water smoothly at a steady temperature. Most have adjustable spray settings which range from the gentle mist mode to the forceful massage. Here are a few insights on what to consider when searching for the best shower heads.

Getting The Best Shower Heads

Water Efficient Models

According to statistics released by environmental protection agencies, it is estimated that showers are responsible for a fifth of all the water used within the US for people bathinShower Headsg. Before the year 1994, most of this shower heads were operating at a flow rate of 5.5 gallons every minute. Due to regulation, most shower heads today deliver 2.5 gallons per minute conserving not only the water but fuel utilized when heating it. Most take the time to find out the force emitted from your showers stream. It also goes hand in hand with its adjustment settings and ease while using. The rate of water flow is very important as long as it does not exceed the legally required maximum of 2.5 gallons a minute.


If the water emission in your neighborhood dissipates with weak pressure, it might arise from the municipal water supply. Here you will be forced to go for a high-pressure shower head which delivers the water at a high pressure at the current rate of water flow. You can achieve this either by adjusting the design of the pressure chamber or your spray settings. Spray settings which are adjustable will condense the shower head spray in more compact showers.


Take your time to read out product reviews of various shower heads. Remember that price will not inherent guarantee quality. It is advisable to narrow your search to the reputable manufacturers. A shower head with the best quality will last long.

Spray Pattern

Different clients have different spray pattern preferences, so it is important to examine that feature in your shower head. There are those who prefer a firm pattern while other who would rather it delivers the trickle down discharge. The spray pattern is important as it determines the direction, water volume and range of water released. Among the spray patterns, commonly applicable are rain, massage, mist, jet spray, aeration spray, full body spray and several others.


Upgrading your shower merely costs $5. So it’s important to decide as to whether the unique features which increase the price of a new shower head are worth the cost. Always remember that the best shower heads are not those that necessarily cost the most.


Shower Heads 2Shower heads and the fixtures that accompany them arrive in different finishes. They are either polished with nickel, brass, stainless steel or chrome. The best finishing that befits the interior of your bathrooms is a decision only you can make. The polished finishing will deliver an elegant display but require regular upkeep. On the other hand, the matte and brush finishing are perfect for hiding fingerprints and water spots.…