Choosing The Best Pocket Knife

pocket knife

If you are used to adventures, you probably know that a pocket knife is on top of the list of survival gear. They are versatile in use as one can slice some food, cut a rope or even use as a weapon against any threat. There are many types of pocket knives to suit various needs and preferences. Read full review of one of the best options you can go for if you are wondering which knife is the best for you. Additionally, this article will give the best tips to choose a good pocket knife.

Tips for choosing a pocket knife

Choosing the blade

When it comes to the pocket knife deciding, only two parts matter; the handle and the blade. So, the blade may either be big of small depending on use. The popular types of blades include:

pocket knife

Plain edge

They are the most popular and preferred by people due to ease of use. They can slice soft material like food and ropes with ease or any other. While buying ensure the blade is made of durable metal which will not stain even under harsh conditions. It must also retain its sharpness to avoid too many sharpening or disappointment during use.

Serrated edge

If you are looking for a pocket knife to cut tougher items like tree branches, then this is the blade to settle for. It offers the opportunity to cut like a saw through applying alternate pressure on the material being cut. Most of these blades are made of metal which doesn’t get blunt so easily.

Combo edge

People torn in between serrated and plain edge will be better of with this pocket knife. It is one of the best in option as it can cut all types of items with ease. The serrated part is usually at the back which smooth part is at the from.

The handle

Getting a good handle gives the user a good grip to exert the necessary cutting force. While they can differ in designs and materials, the best ones are the nonslippery types. The material can range from aluminum, wood, and bone just to mention but a few. If it’s made of metal, then the concern would be the corrosion issue. They should have resistance to this so they can operate well.

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The handle also carries the opening mechanism. It differs with different types, but the bottom line is; it should hide the blade well and open smoothly without a hitch. So, consider the above points well when picking the pocket knife of your choice.…

Visit Canada For An Amazing Fishing Adventure

man fishing on a boat


Canada enjoys a well-deserved reputation as being one of the top world-class fishing destinations. It is home to a large number of picturesque rivers and lakes that are teeming with plenty of fish types, scenic locations, as well as locals who are well versed in the craft of fishing. The fact that the fishing season in Canada lasts throughout the entire year only reinforces its fishing reputation.

When it comes to fishing in Canada, you should pay attention to some regulations. You must be over 16 years old and possess an appropriate fishing license. If you are under 16, you will have to be accompanied by someone who has a license, to do some fishing. Last, but not least, if you want to fish in some classified waters, you will need a special license, which is issued as an addition to the standard license.

Choose your experience

man fishingThere are numerous ways to enjoy a fishing trip or vacation in Canada. One of the most popular ways is, without a doubt, fly-in fishing. Here, you are flown into a remote fishing area and accompanied by professional fishing guides. You will be provided with a full cabin accommodation, scenic vistas, basic facilities and, of course, plenty of fish waiting to be caught. There is also the old-fashioned way of traveling via a boat to a fishing location, as well. You can easily find high-quality fishing resorts that will take care of the equipment, boat trips, accommodation, and the services of expert fishing guides.

Now, let’s talk about some of the most popular fishing destinations in Canada.

Lake Erie

If you are looking for the bass, Lake Erie is the place for you. Whether you decide to catch the fish with the spoons, minnows or tube jigs, you will hardly leave the place without making a catch. Lake Erie is known as one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world. As such, it is also known as a very popular fishing destination with a plethora of lodges, cabins and other fishing facilities.

The Yukon Province

This province features an abundance of fresh water fish, which include Salmon, Pike and Trout. In Yukon, you can also engage in ice fishing, if you so desire. Here, you will have no problems finding proper accommodation, as the province is littered with motels, hotels, fishing lodges and a variety of other facilities.

Lake Huron

Alongside Lake Erie, Lake Huron is also known as one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Third, to be more precise. It is best known for large numbers of freshwater fish types, some of which are walleye, salmon, and steelhead. The entire region of Lake Huron features almost 30.000 islands and islets scattered around, which offer an abundance of shorelines with amazing fishing tour destinations.


man fishing 2Ontario’s best-known feature is the fact that it is home to more than 400.000 rivers and lakes scattered around. It is also home to the largest inland sea, as well as a plethora of top-of-the-line fishing facilities and accommodations. Here, you can find luxury resorts, rugged cabins and everything in between, all depending on your needs and desires.


Quebec is home to thousands of rivers and lakes that are swarming with perch, Atlantic salmon, trout, pike, as well as numerous other types …