english royal family

The United Kingdom’s oldest form of government is monarchy, in which Kings and Queens of England is the state. The British Monarchy is known as constitutional monarchy which means that while The Sovereign is the Head of State, the ability to make and pass legislation stays with an elected Parliament. Furthermore, the queen is the Commander in Chief of the UK Armed Force, and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. There are five importance of the English Royal Family:

National Identity,

English Royal Family is a link to the past, and serves as a reminder of the great and long past of the Monarchy. British people find pride and unite under her Majesty the Queen. This gives the people a sense of stability and continuity.

Constitutional duties

english royal familyAs Head of State, The Sovereign can appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister, if the chosen one has proven inefficient. The Queen also must give royal assent to every act of parliament. She can veto any bill if she feels that the bill is threatening her people or country. Furthermore, once a week, the Prime Minister meets with the Queen to update her on the governments work, and they discuss it.

Preventing Corruption

The Queen can dissolve the Parliament and ask for general elections, in the case of a corrupt government, which holds the country in peace and fairness.


Most people come to the United Kingdom because of the English Royal Family. The old architecture and the mystique of a Monarchy are appealing. Everybody wants to see the Queen’s Guard or otherwise known as Foot Guards. Most people are impressed with their concentration and perseverance. The English Royal Family has attracted a lot of tourism to the country, which means more assets for the British Government and the nation. It also opens up job places, and strengthens the economy and national pride.

External Politics

The queen meets with Heads of States and Ambassadors of various countries to promote social and economic issues. She is the representative of her people and her opinion and thought is valued.


english royal family paintingThe English Royal Family stands as the pillar of United Kingdom. Every step they make is carefully followed in the whole world, but it is also valued and respected. The Head of State has some institutional powers but her true power is a symbolic one, as she represents the glory and unity of the United Kingdom, the glue that keeps them all together. Her family is there to support and aid her, and to set an example of good manners and honesty.