hands on tableMost individuals say that the most important part of the selling process is closing the deal, but this is far from the truth because nobody can get the chance or opportunity to close the deal if they have not landed an appointment in the first place. Thus all you need to do is endeavor to set up a meeting or appointment with your prospect, and you could have the opportunity to push up with any agenda that you want. Thus, if your sales team is in anyway struggling to set up meetings, then it is high time that you modify your strategy or the manner in which you execute your entire sales process.

Business people will tell you that the mainstay of any business is getting those crucial appointments with the people who matter in any organization. That is why we are going to highlight some of the best appointment setting techniques so that one can get more meetings.

Best appointment setting techniques

Target the business decision, maker

The first thing that you should ensure is that you should target those individuals who are directly involved with the day to day decision making process. For instance, if you want to penetrate the technology department of a particular organization, you should not go for the IT guy because they are not involved with decision making. The one you should go for is the business executive. If you decide to go for the IT guy, all you will be discussing is about speed and feeds, and this will not do you any good as they do not have a general influence in the overall decision-making process. Thus to ensure that you secure an appointment quickly and that which will be fruitful always target the business owners.

Take a direct approach

If you are calling your potential date, it is advisable that you are very clear from the onset, tell them the reason for you making contact, make an introduction of your company and explain to them convincingly why it will be important if you met face to face even for 30 minutes. Make sure that you have your goals set out clearly by putting them down in a statement so that you will be able to put your prospect in a positive state of mind. Do not ask questions that are most likely to have no as an answer.couple discussing

Shoot first then ask the questions later

Ensure that you have had a verbal commitment of your appointment, then after that, you can then ask questions. Avoid making your call sounding like a survey. To ensure that you secure that appointment, ensure that you strike a conversational tone. Ones you have convinced your prospect into agreeing to an appointment, it is not good manners to hang up immediately, it is advisable that you ask a few more qualifying questions. This is important as it will ensure that your meeting will not be a waste of time.

Always think strategically while acting analytically

If your job is not appointment set up, you are not supposed to engage in random calling that is aimed at setting up appointments and meetings. Instead, it is advisable that you target some vertical area of recent win so that you can gradually grow your business.